Heath Evans is a marketing and communications strategist, innovator, entrepreneur and Coach.

Kind words

Some kind words from some incredible people I've worked with.


Heath is a real talent. His energy, focus and passion is matched with his skill, attitude and output. He makes thing happen in spite of the challenges and is a natural problem solver. I can't rate Heath highly enough.

- Ash Knop, Manager Vic/Tas at Leukaemia Foundation (previously Director - Partnerships - World Vision Australia).

I've rarely had the pleasure of working with someone with such a varied and strong skill set. Heath is a big picture thinker with the ability to implement the strategies he or others write with impeccable detail. His communications skills are second to none and his passion and ability to understand, navigate and advise on the digital realm makes him a prized asset for any organisation in need of a classic 'all-round' star.

If I'm ever in need of a seasoned professional to join my team to achieve strategic and quick results, Heath is at the top of my list. I've loved working closely with Heath and look forward to doing so another day in the future!

Phil Smith, Senior Strategy and Communication Consultant, Apricot Consulting (former Community Partnerships Manager - World Vision Australia).

Heath is a highly respected communications consultant, with whom I had great pleasure in working for at the AFL Players' Association throughout 2011. Heath was a professional manager, motivating, clear in his direction, and also very enjoyable to work with. The various opportunities Heath presented me in my time at the AFLPA were instrumental in kickstarting and developing my career in the Australian sports industry. I hope our paths continue to cross in the future.

Tyson Densley, Social Media Manager - Australian Football League (AFL)

Ok, I'm sure you're over this already. If you'd like to view the full list you can visit my Linkedin page, otherwise there's a few more below. 

"Heath is one of those incredible people that once you have worked with him, you will never forget him. Bursting with so many talents, I have seen him take on significant challenges, and always come out with resilience, fight and tenacity. One of the first impressions I had of Heath was that he was a sharp, funny and extremely dedicated. Those 3 qualities have always stood the test of time and makes a dynamite combination.

Heath would make an exceptional contribution to any team. I have always seen him go above and beyond. He never settles for anything less than 100% and is not afraid of change and seeking the best. 

I hope that I get to work with Heath again one day in the future as he taught me a lot about staying the course and never giving up. Until then I wish him the very best and much success."

- Emma Martin, Team Leader Corporate Partnerships - World Vision Australia.

Heath Evans - if values and culture are important to you in your business then you need not look any further than Heath.

Additionally, Heath possess sound PR, Marketing and Communications skills. He also has a detailed understanding of new age and emerging media and has a passion for sport.

Should you be searching for someone in the sports marketing and media fields and have a need for someone with these types of skill sets, I have no doubt that Heath will quickly become a valuable asset to you and your business.

- Jon Field, (former) CEO of My Heroes & World Championship Sports Network

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