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Seth Godin just showed every business what the Christmas Spirit is all about.


As children we are taught that Christmas is about giving.

It’s about being generous to those we love, not because we want recognition or reciprocity, but simply because we care.

Unfortunately so many brands have forgotten this point, and at the moment when their beautiful gestures are about to be received they quickly grab a camera, press send on a story, and that incredible moment of generosity becomes just another transaction.

I recently witnessed a beautiful moment that showed there’s another much more powerful way.

Over the past few weeks, many alumni of Seth Godin’s altMBA received an unexpected package.

As they opened the box they discovered a fascinating collection of books and a simple letter from Seth and Niki (Penguin Random House) with one simple ask — enjoy these gifts and pass them on to someone you care about.



There was no elaborate campaign, or hashtag, or blog post, or tweet to his millions of fans — so how did I hear about this considering I was not one of these people?

Because those who received the box told the world about the impact it had on them.

Seth hadn’t organised for a camera to be hidden to perfectly capture the unboxing because he knew it would cheapen the moment.

This moment was so rare because it was simply a gift that demonstrated three things — I see you, I value you, do the same for those you care about.

He didn’t choose all of his own books, he chose those he felt would empower his community to become change-makers, and in doing so embedded himself in the story that will be told every time they are passed onto the next person.

He didn’t hunt through his customer list to find those who had the most influence, but instead focused on creating a moment that these people will never forget, and empowered them to tell the story in their own special way.

So how might your brand embrace this concept and create the same special moment for your customers this Christmas?

How might you inspire your supporters by simply letting them know that you see what they are capable of and recognise what makes them incredible?

The temptation is to ensure that every beautiful moment is captured, and shared across every platform to ensure the world sees how amazingly generous you are. But what is just as unique and special is when it isn’t, and in many ways this is what the Christmas spirit is about and why such a simple gift left such a lasting impression.

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Below are just a few of the people who received this special gift, and I’ve seen others sharing the story across a variety of other platforms — most importantly in their own special way.

Heath Evans