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My advice to anyone writing their first blog post.


I’ve recently been speaking to a range of people on the cusp of publishing their first blog post.

They’re so close, but they want to ensure they’ve got their first ten blogs ready to go to avoid losing momentum. It’s such a logical approach, but here’s why I believe there’s a better way.

Every time I press publish, I’m learning so much more than I expected.

I’m learning about myself, I’m learning about my audience, I’m testing different ideas, and I’m applying these learnings to the next piece I’ll work on.

Had I written my first ten blogs before I started, I would have rewritten every one of them and lost weeks in the process.

The desire to be pre-prepared is completely logical, and our lizard-brain loves this idea — after-all it’s so much safer typing away in the comfort of our lounge-room, reducing the chances that anybody will criticise our ideas.

So we take our time. We’re convinced this is how we will produce our best work, the perfect piece, and we tell ourselves that once we launch it will all become so much easier.

Maybe we’re just not ready?

But in reality what so often happens is we realise there’s never enough time. The more we re-read our work, the more we find faults, the more our fears convince us that we need to change something, or everything.

And before we know it we’re back to square one.

And this is why I encourage my friends to put themselves on the hook and press publish today.

Press publish and I guarantee you’ll find a way to do the same tomorrow, and the next day.

You’ll make the time, you’ll apply your learnings, and you’ll learn to live with imperfection by showing up and doing it again and again because that is what it will take to be prolific.

This is not to say I don’t plan ahead, I’m constantly writing new ideas for articles and as I write I’m constantly struck by new inspiration, but I don’t let it stall my progress.

In the same way we launch and iterate when we launch a product, our own blog need be no different.

So set up a medium page, pick a topic, lock away a few hours, and message me when you first press publish.

As you overcome everything that’s been holding you back, you’ll be inspired to do it again and again.

It’s a big first step, but you’ll discover it’s only the first part of a whole new journey.

I hope this helps you leap, and I can’t wait to be a part of this new adventure.

Heath Evans