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Conquering my fear of pressing publish


Having recently conquered my fear of pressing publish, I wanted to share what had been holding me back in the hope it might inspire you to join me.

I’ve always been very comfortable sharing my ideas, and never worried whether they were right, it was simply about providing a different perspective.

For some reason though I never looked at blogging the same way.

There was no way I was going to write a piece that could be considered thought-leadership unless I was certain it was so ground-breaking that it was going to blow up the internet.

Looking at this now it was so utterly absurd, but I can assure you I had countless fears that supported this thinking, and I had turned them into truths over time.

“What if you change your mind, you can’t take it back?”
“ What if you’ve missed something, your mentor will think you’re an idiot?”
“ What if they call you out?”
“What if people think you’re arrogant.
“What if they think you’re trying to be something you’re not.”
“It’s better just to share other people’s work, and just add your opinion at the start — or don’t — but that’s safer and much smarter for now.”
“You’re just not ready yet.”

What I never considered was this entire thing wasn’t about being smarter. It wasn’t about being right. It was about being a part of it.

In the same way that I add my ideas to a verbal conversation, it is about sharing a different view of the world that might actually help someone else.

It’s about trying to give back, just a tiny portion of the enormous amount I take.

I always thought publishing my thoughts was the end of the process, but I now realise it’s just the beginning.

People build upon the ideas as they take inspiration, testing their own beliefs, and then challenging mine in the process. The ideas evolve.

What has been ever more powerful has been hearing how these ideas have connected with people in the exact moment when they needed it and helped them unlock an entirely new possibility. I never dreamed my rambling ideas could have such an impact.

I’d been so focused on launching the perfect piece, waiting for the perfect moment, that I’d failed to realise what this was all about. I’d also failed to recognise how much fear had been holding me back.

What good would it have been to launch the perfect piece?

If I reached the pinnacle at day one, what on earth would I do on day two!

I’d been approaching this like a book, when in reality it wasn’t even a blog yet.

So with that, I’m a week into pressing publish and I’m learning by the minute.

I feel the fear as much as anyone and I know there are millions of people who are sitting back waiting, just like I was, terrified to start.

But you don’t have to be one of them, you’re one post away from becoming a publisher and I hope you’ll connect and let me join you on this journey.

As I press publish today, I’m twice as nervous as I was on Day 1, but I’m also twice as strong and learning to fight the resistance.

Every time I feel the fear and see the wolf at the door I ask myself one simple question.

If not now, when?


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Heath Evans