Heath Evans is a marketing and communications strategist, innovator, entrepreneur and Coach.

About me.


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I inherited three amazing traits from my grandfather – the love of life, the love of stories, and most of all, the love of challenges. 

Over the past decade, these three passions have helped me thrive across the sporting, consumer, NFP and education sectors, whilst also launching a start-up and several award-winning projects, as well as becoming a graduate and Coach of Seth Godin's altMBA in 2017. 

Most recently I've accepted a role as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Melbourne Accelerator Program, a startup accelerator within the University of Melbourne, which is an incredibly exciting challenge and very different to anything I've done previously.

My career began down a very different path, with much of it focusing in the sporting sector with roles at the World Championship Sports Network (WCSN), My Heroes, AFL Samoa, and Vicsport, before landing my dream job at the AFL Players' Association.

Over the next four years I worked closely with the nation's greatest athletes, sharing their stories and representing them on key issues facing not only their industry, but broader society as well. 

In late 2014, I felt it was time for a change and chose to jump sectors to prove my skills were transferable and joined one of the world’s largest NGO’s - World Vision

I co-created the ground-breaking Run India project with extreme athlete Samantha Gash, a 3300km run across India exploring the barriers to education, visiting the communities that World Vision works with and sharing their stories in real-time.

The project raised over 200k, reaching over 50million people, as well as attracting new partnerships with Nike Run Club, Lululemon, Polar, Genpact, and several major global corporations. 

In recognition of my role I received one of the organisation’s highest honours, the “Adaptability and Flexibility’ award in 2017.

Seeking my next challenge, I applied for Seth Godin's altMBA. This proved a life-changing decision, not only completing the course (with the honour of receiving the Abernathy Award), but then becoming a Coach of the program.

During this period I’ve also completed Strategyzer's Mastering Business Models & Value Propositions courses, and coach businesses to become 'kings of the canvas' through workshops and various consulting projects I accept on a case-by-case-basis.

I also write regularly on Medium, and am a contributor for a number of publications including Startup GrindThe Startup and It's Your Turn

So if you think I can help with anything, or you'd like to chat further, please connect. I love connecting with people who are obsessed with the why, more than the how, and are in this for the journey, much more than the outcome. If this sounds like you, make sure you say hello.